Embracing Instagram in the Classroom


In the constant effort to keep my classroom and technology use relevant to my classes, I created an Instagram account for my class: @MBMSEnglish. The challenge is to use it in a way that students who don’t yet have Instagram accounts aren’t penalized or don’t feel left out in its use.

I’m using it for my “Wall of Shame”. I am posting examples of incorrect grammar that have been published somewhere. Many of these errors are pictures I take of signs outside stores, on menus or menu boards, on signs posted about parking or sales.

Students who follow me are offered extra credit– the first student who corrects the error gets one point of extra credit. Students can also post their own “shameful” writing examples and tag me for one point of extra credit, and the first person who corrects that gets a point of extra credit.

Grading– I note the point winner in a comment on Instagram so I can remember who I’ve already graded, and then I record them on a paper student list using tally marks. I add them to the gradebook once per grading period.


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